• Implementing policies, plans and national environmental programs defined by the law approving the National Development Plan and National Investment Plan or the Ministry of Environment and the regional order that have been committed under the law within its jurisdiction.
    • Play the role of top environmental authority in its area of ​​jurisdiction, in accordance with the standards of superior character and according to the criteria and guidelines set by the Ministry of Environment.
    • Promote and develop community participation in activities and programs of environmental protection, sustainable development and proper management of renewable natural resources.
    • Coordinate the process of preparing the plans, programs and environmental development projects that should make the different agencies and entities within the National Environmental System (SINA) in the area of ​​its jurisdiction and in particular to advise departments, districts and municipalities within its territorial understanding the definition of environmentally sustainable development and its programs and projects concerning environmental protection and renewable natural resources, so as to ensure harmony and consistency of policies and actions taken by the different authorities.
    • Participating with other agencies and competent authorities in its area of ​​jurisdiction in the planning and land use so that the environmental factor is taken into account the decisions taken.
    • To enter into contracts and agreements with local authorities, other public and private and non profit organization whose purpose is to defend and protect the environment and renewable natural resources, in order to better execute one or more of their duties they do not relate to the exercise of administrative functions.
    • Promote and implement jointly with the national bodies affiliated and linked to the Ministry of Environment, and the entities of technical and scientific support the National Environmental System (SINA), studies and research on environment and renewable natural resources.
    • To advise local authorities in the formulation of formal environmental education and implement non-formal environmental education, according to the guidelines of national policy.
    • To grant concessions, permits, authorizations and licenses required by law for the use, development or mobilization of renewable natural resources for the development of activities that affect or may affect the environment. Grant permits and concessions for logging, concessions for the use of surface water and groundwater and to establish seasons for hunting and fishing.
    • Set in the area of ​​jurisdiction, the permissible limits of emission, discharge, transport or storage of substances, products, compounds or any other matter that may affect the environment and renewable natural resources and to prohibit, restrict or regulate the manufacture, distribution, use, disposal or dumping of substances that cause environmental degradation. These limits, restrictions and regulations in any case be less stringent than those defined by the Ministry of Environment.
    • Act as evaluation, control and environmental monitoring of exploration, exploitation, beneficiation, transportation, use and disposal of non-renewable natural resources, including port activities to the exclusion of the powers of the Ministry of Environment and as other activities, projects or factors that generate or can generate environmental degradation. This function includes the issuance of the relevant environmental permit. The tasks referred to in this paragraph shall be exercised in accordance with Article 58 of this law.
    • Act as evaluation, control and environmental monitoring of water use, soil, air and other renewable natural resources, which include dumping, emission or introduction of substances or liquid wastes, solid and gaseous water in whatever form, to air or soil, as well as discharges or emissions that may cause harm or endanger the normal sustainable development of renewable natural resources to prevent or hinder its use for other purposes. These functions include the issuance of the respective environmental licenses, permits, concessions, permits and passes.
    • Collect, according to law, contributions, fees, duties, fees and fines by way of the use and exploitation of renewable natural resources, determine the amount in the territory under its jurisdiction based on the minimum rates set by the Ministry of Environment.
    • To monitor the mobilization, processing and marketing of renewable natural resources in coordination with other regional autonomous corporations, local authorities and other police authorities, in accordance with law and regulations, and issuing permits, licenses and Passes to the mobilization of renewable natural resources.
    • Manage, under the supervision of the Ministry of Environment, areas of the National Park System that the Ministry will delegate. This administration can be done with the participation of local authorities and civil society.
    • Book alinderar, manage, or remove, in the terms and conditions determined by law and regulations, integrated pest management districts, the soil conservation districts, forest reserves and natural parks, regional, and regulate their use and operation. Managing the National Forest Reserves in the area of ​​jurisdiction.
    • To impose and execute preventive and without prejudice to the powers conferred by law to other authorities, the police measures and sanctions provided by law, in case of violation of the rules of environmental protection and management of renewable natural resources require, subject to relevant regulations, compensation for damages.
    • Order and establish standards and guidelines for the management of watersheds located within the area of ​​their jurisdiction in accordance with the above provisions and national policies.
    • Promote and perform works of irrigation, drainage, flood control, regulation of streams and waterways, land reclamation and necessary for the defense, protection and proper management of river basins in the territory of its jurisdiction, coordination with the managers and implementers of the National Land Development, in accordance with legal provisions and technical provisions for; In the case of irrigation and drainage works, in accordance with the rules and regulations require an environmental license it must be issued by the Ministry of Environment.
    • Run, manage, operate and maintain coordination with local authorities, projects, sustainable development programs and infrastructure projects whose realization is necessary for the defense and protection or decontamination or recovery of the environment and renewable natural resources.
    • Advance in coordination with the authorities of indigenous communities and the authorities of the lands traditionally inhabited by black communities covered by the Act 70 of 1993, programs and projects for sustainable development and management, development, use and conservation of renewable natural resources and environment.
    • Implement and operate the Environmental Information System in the area of ​​its jurisdiction in accordance with the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Environment.
    • Perform analysis activities, monitoring, prevention and control of disasters, in coordination with other competent authorities, and assist in environmental issues in the prevention and handling of emergencies and disasters; forward with municipal or county areas of fitness programs urban high-risk areas such as erosion control and reforestation management channels.
    • Transfer of technology resulting from research that advance scientific research institutions and national technical support as part of the National Environmental System (SINA) and provide technical assistance to public and private entities and individuals, on the proper management renewable natural resources and environmental preservation, as it set the regulations and in accordance with the guidelines set by the Ministry of Environment.
    • Impose, distribute and collect contributions that have recovery of the real property taxed, on grounds of public works by the corporation and determine the other rights which recovery can be done according to law.
    • To advise local authorities in developing environmental projects to be developed with resources from the National Endowment Fund or other similar destination.
    • To acquire private property and assets of the entities of public law and advance to the competent judge the expropriation of property, once stocked direct negotiation stage, where this is necessary for the performance of his duties or to implement works or projects required for compliance with standards, and enforce easements that may be required under the law.
    • Promote and implement supply water to the indigenous and black communities traditionally settled in the area of ​​its jurisdiction in coordination with the competent authorities.
    • Support the municipal councils, departmental assemblies and councils of indigenous territorial entities in the planning functions conferred on them by the Constitution.
    • The others that were previously attributed to other authorities, environment and renewable natural resources within their respective spheres of competence, as not in conflict with the powers conferred by the Constitution to the territorial entities, or are contrary to this Act or the powers that she invests the Ministry of Environment.
    • Without prejudice to the powers of municipalities and districts regarding zoning and land use, pursuant to the provisions of Article 313 paragraph 7th. of the Constitution, the Autonomous Regional Corporations General rules and maximum densities to be subjected to homeowners in suburban areas and on hills and mountains, demanera that protects the environment and natural resources. No less than 70% of the area to be developed in these projects will go to the conservation of existing native vegetation.



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